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    SHAOLIN KUNG FU – An ancient Chinese martial art where skill and proficiency are developed through intense rigor, dedication and self-discipline. Gongfu (Kung Fu) uses kicks, punches, blocks, grapples, take-downs, weapons, and more. Shaolin Quan is the historic origin of Karate-Do. If you still are not sure what Kung Fu is like, then just think of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li movies to get a better idea.
  • JUDO


    JUDO – Incorporating the best fighting techniques of the many ancient Jujitsu clans of Japan, Judo is a martial sport that educates and trains the student to execute a variety of take-downs, choke-holds, and arm-bars with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. Learn unarmed hand to hand combat used to neutralize and immobilize opponents through throwing, wrestling, grappling, choking and pinning. Judo’s many techniques are an excellent method of self-defense and are often used in mixed martial arts competitions.


    SANSHOU KICKBOXING – Sanshou or the “unbound hand” is an ancient Chinese sparing method that developed into a military Kung Fu fighting system and is now the world’s most popular emerging combat sport. Combining full-contact kickboxing with devastating takedowns, Sport Sanshou allows mixed martial arts competitors to fight in a ring without lethal consequences. Sanshou training is an excellent form of exercise as it provides an intense calorie burning cardio-vascular workout to improve physical fitness, health, and burn fat fast.